Tuesday, January 22, 2013

hues and pigments

I am a big fan of change. When I get stuck or lose my motivation, change-move it, paint it, reinvent it-is what gets me jump-started. And so, putting this coat of duck egg blue on the shop did the trick. It transports me to Paris sans the price of a ticket and I am now anxious to create ! The work area has bounced back to its original side of the room. The dressing room is now a petite chambre, dressed with a canvas curtain. Theatrical sconces grace the wall... And someone stop me before I paint one more thing silver! 

Sunday, January 13, 2013

what next ?

January : the month for re-grouping, planning, changing direction perhaps. Like Augie and Harriet pictured here, I am watching for what is on the horizon. I may take the shop in a slightly different direction....or maybe not ! I am so lucky to have a shop where people laugh, talk, find interesting things to try and buy. This is the time of year when I always imagine I will have time to paint (on canvas), but never do find that time. I have so few COREY&CO garments on hand, I feel panicked at the moment. The temporary solution to the mental confusion: close the store doors for a couple or 3 days and paint the walls , shine up the floors, clear the head and carry on. 'See you after the break.B

Monday, January 7, 2013


I have been into making "toppers" : small vests or jackets , made to go over other garments. The top piece: a special for Melinda, the shape inspired by traditional Korean costume. The second : a short ,cropped wool tweedy vest. The third image: the "topper" of Charles St.,Boston- view from the b&b where J&I last weekend snagged a great room-with-a-view, fireplace et all.