Tuesday, January 5, 2010

It has been one year since Corey&Co. opened its doors on Pleasant Street. Now a new year begins for us all and for the shop. It is good to look back before looking forward, so here are some pictures of the progression. My original, if vague, vision for the shop was somewhat different to what it has become. I have followed where enthusiasm has led- mine and customers'- and find that the greatest interest is in garments I think up and construct here. This revelation is having a liberating effect on me and if I have a New Year's resolution (other than to begin painting again), it is to throw off convention and be more free in my designs. 'Promise.

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  1. Dear Corey,
    I received a lovely necklace from Corey & Company for Christmas this year - I love it. Thank you for making and selling such wonderful things!
    4 Square Walls